Packing for a long adventure can be extremely difficult. I know that I always start out with the best intentions. I start packing early, write everything down and put together different and versatile outfits to reduce the bulk. But before I know it, I am shoving things into my suitcase/backpack [I’m sure I am going use these two pairs of high heels shoes!] and praying that weight is under the designated airline limit.
But the secret to packing is obvious: downsize.
I recently discovered an amazing line of underwear, manufactured by ExOfficio, that is moisture wicking, breathable and incredibly quick-drying – it dries in as little as 2-4 hours and can be easily washed in a sink and air dried. In addition the Give-N-Go underwear line is treated with Aegis Microbe Shield to control odor causing bacteria allowing the undergarments to stay fresher for longer.
Underwear Travel All photos taken from the ExOfficio website 
So what does this mean? Whenever I travel I usually bring seven undies for each day of the week [I have once brought more than 14 pairs!] but all these different pairs can take quite a bit of space in your luggage. Switching to travel undies means that you can pack less and save precious space without sacrificing style, comfort or hygiene.
Although it might be hard to travel with one [or two] pairs of underwear for two months [as advertised on ExOffocio’s website], the company’s travel undergarments are perfect for anyone who is looking for practical travel undies that come in variety of flattering styles [thongs, boy-shorts, briefs]. The only downside is that a pair will cost you around USD$20 a pair – but sometimes you need to pitch in a little extra to get good quality travel items.
For a complete list of items for sale please visit ExOfficio’s website and to search for international distributers [located in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru] please click here
This was NOT a sponsored post