It has only been one day but already I can tell that my second trip to Buenos Aires will be much different than when I first explored this city back in September 2012. This time around I have a Chilean guide who has graciously agreed to accompany on my travels to show me the best and mostly unknown locations in Buenos Aires. After settling in my hostel (located 5 minutes from the obelisk) we embarked on a four hour walking tour that ended in dinner at a quaint little steakhouse called La Posada Parrilla Bar located on Hipólito Yrigoyen 1202.  
As soon as we walked in the door the staff greeted us with a smile motioning us to take a seat anywhere in the restaurant. As soon as we sat down the waiter brought us a palette-teasing spread that included some type of cream cheese, an eggplant spread and a cabbage-type salad including a basket of bread. The atmosphere was relaxed and romantic (although much of the music that they played in the restaurant was top-40). The restaurant offers a “carta” which includes appetizer, main course with side dish (rice, mashed potatoes or french frieds), dessert and a choice of water, pop or wine for a fixed price of ARG$135 (US$25) for dinner or $75ARG (US$14) for lunch service (due to the lower price I am almost positive that the restaurant is quite full at that time of the day). The service was extremely quick and the waiter was attentive and ready to answer all my questions.
The starters : (from left to right) la provoleta, different bread spreads and the meat empanada, YUM! 
Ultimately, the food was pocket-friendly, delicious and extremely filling. Our appetizers included the “provoleta” (highly recommend if you are a cheese lover!) and the “empanada,” which were both scrumptious. The proveleta is a piece of provolone cheeese deep fried and seasoned to taste while the empanada (although rather small) had a light crispy shell filled with a mixture of tender beef, salsa and spices. 
Next came the Asado de Tira (short ribs) and Vaico a la Parrilla (barbecued flank steak), both of which were juicy, tender and flavorful . Lastly came our Tiramisu and Flan, the latter which is made directly in the restaurant (no store bought concoctions). All of the meal was accompanied by a full glass of red wine that perfectly complemented the meal.
Above: (left) the Asado de Tira with the a side of rice. (right) the Asado and Vacio a la Parrilla together. 
Below: the Tirimisiu and the Flan 


My last trip I wrote favorably about La Brigada, another steakhouse located in Buenos Aires. The bill in La Brigada was much more and only included the meat (I had to order the side dish separately) and a small bottle of Quilmes beer.
Takeaway Tip: Prices are much lower during lunch time but come early because the restaurant can get quite busy