Located just steps for the large obelisk in Buenos Aires is a small cafe/bar unknown to many tourists. In reality the cafe looks similar to the hundreds of other bars that line the small streets of this massive city. Even as you walk into the locale, you will notice that it is quite small and is decorated in a simple manner. I entered into the bar with a friend who had already eaten at this small restaurant numerous times during his time in Buenos Aires. He asked for the menu and told me that we would order a plate to share. At that moment I remember thinking share! Are you crazy, I am so hungry! Before I could utter a word, he motioned in the direction of the kitchen where the waitress was carrying out a plate piled high with food that made my mouth-water. Places Cafe and Bar is locaed on Avenida Viamonte 879 (on the corner of Avenida Suipacha and Avenida Viamonte – right in front of the church-like building) and offers plates of food that are too large for a regular person to eat by themselves (unless they are up for the challenge of course!) 
Left: The Milanesa de Pollo (breaded chicken) with fries for ARG$44 (around USD$8)
Right: The Milanesa a napolitano (breaded meat with ham and cheese topping) and fries for ARG$44 (around USD$8)
In two days I have already visited the cafe on two different occasions. My first trop, I shared a Bife de Lomo with mashed potatoes (the guarnicion can include salad, mashed potatoes – with sweet or regular potatoes, or french fries). The meat is was tender, seasoned impeciably and juicy and for the plate (which I shared) for a total of ARG$59 (around USD$12). The next day I took some girls I had just met to the same place to try the Milanese (each ARG$44 or USD$8). After splitting the plate into to two, we sat quietly while gorging ourselves on our respective dishes. Although I licked my plate clean (yes it was THAT good) my other three companions couldn’t even finish their meal, citing that they were “just too full.” The total bill, including three waters and a 3/4 litre of Quilmes, came to ARG$166 (around USD$31).
Bife Budge Bites
The Bife with mashed potatoes (highly recommended!)
Takeaway Point: At Places you do not have to sacrifice taste for price. You can definitely have it all! It is the perfect amalgamation of a fair price and classic delicious Argentine food.