Located less than five kilometres from the old town of Durbuy, Les Chambres du Vivier is the epitome of eco-chic run by arguably the most hospitable couple in all of Durbuy.

Formally garages, these buildings house the three distinct rooms
Formally garages, these buildings house the three distinct rooms

The first time I met Jan, Caroline, their daughter and their newborn baby, I felt as if I had known them for years. Jan welcomed me with a hearty laugh, a joke, and a pat on the back, which instantly put me at ease. “We put you in the Earth room” he said with a smile as he picked up my bag and walked across the driveway. The rooms, three in total, are separated from the main building and each space has been transformed to embody a certain elemental theme: le Chambre Bois (the Wood chamber), le Chambre Terre (the Earth chamber) and le Chambre Pierre (the Stone chamber).

Les Chambres du Vivier
The Earth room

It was hard not let out a little squeal when the doors of the Earth Chamber flung open – clay, straw and reeds made up the decor in my room. It was simple yet elegant with a double bed, flat screen TV and even air conditioning. “Do you want to see the other rooms?” Jan asks. I nodd my head fervently. The wood chamber is made to look similar to a cabin where, you guessed it, wood was the decorative focal point while the Stone room showcased open stone walls with a grey motif. 

The stone room
The stone room

As Jan locks the door of the last room he leads me to his beautiful expansive backyard with rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. He explains that the rooms are not the only interesting facet of this quaint little bed and breakfast. In fact, Jan and Caroline have decided to transform this business into an eco-friendly one, through initiatives like building a self-cleaning pool. Jan, after working at Le Sanglier des Ardennes for over 17 years, is also a passionate cook who takes great pleasure in providing his guests with a variety of local products for breakfast such as cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables, some of which come straight from his own garden.

The self-cleaning pond - the plants in the water act as natural filters.
The self-cleaning pool – the plants in the water act as natural filters.

“Look over here” he says to me, motioning me towards what looks like some sort of spice “smell it! I am going to use it for dinner tonight.” His eyes light up as he eagerly pokes around his garden. He stops abruptly and rips something else out, “oh and some of this.” He turns around again, motioning me to another spot in his garden. I nod along silently (I know squat about herbs and gardens!) and can’t help but smile at his passion and love for his garden and this eco-lifestyle. 

Breakfast is served
Breakfast is served

That night Jan expertly prepares a eco-dinner fit for a Queen while pouring glass upon glass of local beer and wine. We talk the night away, mostly about everything and anything sustainable, before heading to bed. The next morning I am greeted with a breakfast of champions: fresh juice, local bread, goat cheese, cold cuts from the butcher down the road – everything that the brochure promises and more. Breakfast is cut short with the arrival of my ride out of Durbuy, but not before I assure both Jan and Caroline that I will be back. 

The view from the breakfast table – not bad.

In the end, this homey B&B may not be 100% eco-friendly but both Jan and Caroline are adamant about finding different and progressive eco-initiatives that they can implement into their business. Their passion and commitment comes out with everything that they do, and that is what makes les Chambres du Vivier one of the best B&Bs I have every visited, hands down. 

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Eco-Lodging In Les Ardennes: Les Chambres Du Vivier


      1. They are! The owners were just so kind and so knowledgable. I think I spent hours just listening them to talk!

    1. Eco-lodges are great accommodations. This one is both environmentally sustainable AND beautiful. I would give anything to walk through its gardens. Absolutely breathtaking!

    1. Chambres du Vivier looks like a fantastic eco-lodge! I definitely would want to stay there one day soon I hope. That self-cleaning pool is just gorgeous and the breakfast is delectable! Will keep this in my notes.

    1. What a charming little find! The grounds look beautiful and comfortable. I could see relaxing by the pool with a glass of wine and waiting to taste Jan’s cooking.

    1. This place looks so adorable! I love B&Bs. The owners are always so nice and accommodating and genuinely care about you and your experience.

    1. This is so quaint and lovely! I love the breakfast table and the look of the Earth room! I’d love to spend a couple nights here and cozy up 🙂

    1. The Earth Room looks so cozy! I love charming places like this (especially with a breakfast like that!)! That is so cool that the water plants act as a natural filter. The water looks so pristine. Who knew?!

    1. Oh my gosh that earth room is sooo beautiful! I’d love to stay there. Was the room cool because of the way it was made? It looks like it might be.

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