There are people who spend hours upon hours walking the long hallways of museums, pausing to appreciate the beauty and depth of each piece. I am not one of those people. In fact, whenever I go abroad I tend to gravitate towards natural attractions and skip the museums and/or art galleries.
In reality, I simply do not get art. But when I heard that the Ralli Museum Santiago in Vitacura had a collection of paintings and sculptures by my favorite artist, Mr. Salvador Dali, I knew that I had to pay this establishment a visit.
Ralli Museum in Santiago de Chile
Above: The inside of the museum
Below: Salvador Dali is the mastermind behind the famous melting clocks
Salvador Dali
As I was a newbie in Santiago I found the location of the museum a little hard to get to as I did not [and still don’t] understand the Santiago bus system. Nevertheless my will was strong and I took the red subway line to Metro Escuela Militar and walked the 20 minutes to the museum.
Upon my arrival I was pleasantly informed by the clerk that admission was free. Bonus. Unaware of the artists on display, the front desk employee was eager to help and stated that 
the Ralli Museum is part of a non-profit organization that is mainly dedicated to promoting awareness of the work of living American artists. The building consists of 16 different exhibition rooms that house major collections of art from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba and many other countries.
Diablo Rojo Panama City Painting
This Panamanian artist reminded me of my time in Panama City when I had to ride the bus or more common known as “diablos rojos” [red devils]
The museum also has a special “A Look to Surrealism” exhibit that houses 14 well-know artists from the beginning of the 20th century, including Dali, Braque, De Chirico, Ernst, Man Ray and many more.
Salvador Dali at the Ralli Museum
Above: Three different Dali sculptures
Below: Unknown artists but the eeriness and colors mesmerized me
Painting Ralli Museum
On that day the museum definitely converted a  non-believer. The art was incredibly. I spent hours wandering through the maze-like building, studying each piece and enjoying the peaceful ambience. In fact, I was even reluctant to leave. Even if you are not a museum person, I implore you to spend one lazy or rainy Sunday afternoon getting to know some of the greatest Latin American artists in the world. 
Another painting at the Ralli Museum in Santiago de Chile
Another interesting painting [unknown artist]
Address: Alonso de Sotomayor 4110, Vitacura
Phone: 206-4224
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30to17:00hrs.
Closed Mondays and holidays.
January: open only on weekends. February: closed.