I sit anxiously waiting as the owner approaches our table. He places my entre in front me, I think you will like this he states with a grin. I had asked the owner of Les Mignées, a restaurant located less than 5 kilometres from old Durbuy, to choose my courses for me. My only caveat was that each dish would showcase the best local dishes that the restaurants has offer. After all, Les Mignées Durbuy is known for its locally-sourced and deliciously drool-worthy dishes.

Les Mignées Durbuy

I am pleasantly surprised as I glance down at my dish to find of crisp green lettuce covered in a sweet raspberry vinaigrette and topped with warm goat cheese straight from the oven. What do you think? The owner asks. I shake my head in approval, unable to speak as my mouth is constantly full in attempt to savour each bite. If you like the cheese he added the owner of goat farm where I buy it is sitting behind you. Before long I am introduced to the owner of the Chevrerie d’ OZO and then to the owner of the Nymphea, another organic store located in Barveux.

Les Mignées Durbuy

It’s hard not to feel at home at Les Mignées Durbuy. The restaurant is detached from the hustle and bustle of the touristy town of old Durbuy and is nestled in the middle of lush forest and green pastures. The locale itself can be found in an old farmhouse renovated in classic style, offering stylish and modern decor with an intimate atmosphere. Guests stopping by for dinner are always warmly welcomed by the owner who is ever present in the dining room for a quick chat or to field any questions and concerns. And above all else, the food is delicious and locally-sourced, from the entree to the dessert. The owner is a firm believer in the local-food movement and is always searching for locally sourced options so as to create a greener and more sustainable business that merges his two passions: food and sustainability.

Les Mignées Durbuy Belgium

After three hours of pure bliss at Les Mignees Durbuy, I pat my stomach in satisfaction. The locally-sourced duck in cherry sauce that I had eaten as my main coupled with the glass of Saint-Monon blonde beer that is brewed only 30 km from has caused me to unbutton my pants. But before I can say no, another dish is presented in front of me, an artisanal vanilla and chocolate ice cream also made in Durbuy. It’s hard to say no to local, so I decide to expand my stomach one last time and enjoy as much of Durbuy as I possibly can.

Les Mignées Durbuy

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Les Migness Durbuy Belgium

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