Teatro Colon Argentina, located just steps from the famous Buenos Aires obelisk, is internationally known as one of the best theatres in the world due to its acoustics and the artistic value of its construction. The teatre actually took over twenty years to finish and was finally inaugurated on May 25th, 1908 with Guiseppe Verdi’s opera Aida.
As stunning as the architectural structure is on the outside, the inside of the opera house truly takes your breath away. Although it may not be on many travelers’ “do to lists,” it would be a shame to visit Buenos Aireswithout at least taking a quick peak at what this building has to offer.
39ac1b026549dfb8fa766bd7a5b7b380The inside of the opera 
Teatre Colon hosts guided tours every Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm [50% for senior, pensioners and university student with ID on Monday] but with a little luck and know-how anyone can score some tickets for a cultural night out on the town for a less than the price of a guided tour [ARG$110 / USD$20].
Prices to the opera largely depend on the type of show that is playing and the attendee’s willingness to either stand and/or accept a possible “vision parcial” of the stage. A friend and I visited the opera house in July 2013 where we purchased tickets to the “La Mujer Sin Sombra” [the woman without a shadow] opera for ARG$80. Our seats were placed at the far left side of the stage, offering us a partial view of the play. Indeed we did not enjoy the full view of the show, but the orchestra and the music were a great consolation prize. Furthermore [although not recommended we sneakily made our way to the empty seats a couple of rows over after the first act to enjoy a full view of the opera with no extra cost.
A scene from La Mujer Sin Sombra
To check the prices of different seats and shows, first go to the Opera’s website and on the left hand corner click “buy tickets.” Choose the show you wish to attend and click “comprar” [buy]. Individuals will then be taken to a page with a map outline of the opera house. Prices will be listed on the left and you can easily click each section to see available seats and their prices. Instead of buying the tickets online note down the seat numbers and visit the opera house a couple of days before the show to purchase tickets.
Acoustically, the Opera House is considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world. As a result, a guided tour through this remarkable structure is somewhat incomplete as the real beauty of the opera is missed. Indeed, it is famed for it’s elegantly structured walls and effortlessly beautiful murals but most importantly it is an acoustic marvel that everyone should take the opportunity to enjoy.  
Enjoy the Opera 🙂