So you’ve got your beauty and fashion packing list almost done but you might have forgotten to pack some of the most important items in your suitcase. These are the items that probably haven’t even crossed your mind, but they are the ones that that will make all the difference in an emergency situation. Here are some items that should be in every suitcase:
1. Sunscreen and after-burn. I know that many people say that you can easily buy these things in the country you are visiting. I found that in some of the countries I’ve visited (in Brazil, Chile and Argentina) the sunscreen is almost double the amount than in Canada. This time around I stocked up on these essentials before leaving for my trip. If you are going into a heavily wooded area, I would also recommend bringing bug spray and after-bite.
2. Plan ahead! When I went to Santiago de Chile I got a yeast infection. In Canada this is easily fixed with an over-the-counter medication that costs around $20 dollars. In Chile I paid over $200 dollars in lab tests, doctor visits and prescription medications to get fixed. Sometimes it’s best to plan ahead.  If you have problems with UTIs, yeast infections etc. plan ahead and bring these things on your trip so that you will avoid complicated doctor’s visits and expensive bills. 
3. Universal adapters are handy when you will be crossing numerous borders (even if you don’t plan on backpacking this is quite the handy carry-on).
4. Condoms. Yes, condoms. Let’s face it most individuals are sexually active and the amount of hook-ups at hostels is astounding. It’s always good to have some extra condoms in your wallet, purse or suitcase just in case.
5. If you are a woman I would recommend that you stock up on your oral contraceptives to cover yourself for the whole trip (if you use the pill). Also if you are traveling to a conservative country it might also be smart to buy the morning-after pill/emergency contraceptives (just in case), since this pill is extremely hard to find in specific regions and at times also requires a doctor’s prescription.
6. Small torch & batteries. A head torch can be really handy when you need both some light and free hands (like when you are in a hostel dorm and need to clamber down the top bunk to go to the bathroom).
7. Universal sink plug. These little bad boys can come handy in a number of situations from hand washing your delicates to filling a tub with some water to take a quick bath. It takes a up little space and can be a life saver. 
Do you have any other tips on packing forgotten essentials to add to my list? Leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know!