YOU! Cake or death?! Or a sandwich?


It is hard not to fall in love with Peck 47 from its delicious food, made fresh every day, to its eclectic yet stylish decor, which includes a shrine to Bill Murray to it’s manager, Maxime, whose passion towards scrumptious, affordable and sustainable food has quickly made Peck47 one of the best places to brunch in the city.

Wall art in Peck47

Peck 47 goes beyond providing drool-worth meals, like its homemade chorizo and goat cheese waffle, it also strives to find products that are sustainable, natural and organic. Products like organic beer, coconut water responsibly-sourced from Brazil, Tony’s chocolate: slavery-free chocolate, and fresh bread, dropped off every morning after being made from scratch at a bakery here in Brussels. At Peck 47 it is not only about how the food tastes, but where it comes from and how it is prepared. Their chef, who formerly worked at a 5 star hotel, works closely with the management to create a kick-butt menu with ingredients that are dropped off every morning. Everything is hand-made, fresh and natural.

And yet the food is not the only thing that is drawing in the droves of customers, Peck47 has an impressive array of cocktails, infused with different spices and herbs (like ginger and lavender), glasses of prosecco and even healthy smoothies for those non-drinking types. And for desert? Cakes, pies and other goodies are on display but nothing beats their ultimate desert, the BROOKIE, a mix between a brownie and cookie that simply is… EPIC. I also forgot to mention that everything on the menu is under 10€. Perfect? I would say so!

Untitled design

But don’t think of Peck47 as just a brunch joint, on the weekends if you find yourself yearning for a place to chill on a Friday night, listening to music, then Peck47 also holds a music night twice a month around a music theme. The locale invites local bands who play a couple of songs before opening it up to crowd in attempt to start a jam session with any musicians in the crowd. It is also a great place to hold an event and is the place where I hosted my very first Brussels Travel Massive in September, which included more than 15 travel industry professional sipping cocktails, eating and networking the night away.

Our Travel Massive group at Peck47
Our Travel Massive group at Peck47

I hate repeating myself but in this case I just have to: it’s hard not to fall in love in Peck47. If you are in Brussels and looking for the perfect place to sit around sipping on a cocktail, jamming out to a local band or nursing a hangover with some poached eggs and a Bloody Mary, than this place is definitely for you. 

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