I was walking around Santiago de Chile on a cloudy (and rainy) day when a friend suggested that we stop for some Peruvian food. Peruvian food in Santiago Chile?Heck yes! Apparently the restaurant had all of my favorite things: the food was reasonably priced, large portions and was delicious.
Peruvian Food in Santiago de Chile
 Google map location here. Located near Metro Puente Cal y Canto 
We arrived at the “El Super Gordo” (translation: the super fat) restaurant and I noticed right away that the place was filled with Peruvians (always a good sign. The menu boasted that it’s specialties included: comida criolla, peruana (traditional Peruvian food) and pescados y mariscos (seafood). As my readers probably know, I am not a HUGE fan of seafood so I decided to split a pollo a la brasa (barbecue chicken) with salad and French fries.
The one thing that I adore about Peruvian food is that it usually comes with different palate-teasing salsas. The waitress was prompt at bringing us some bread and two types of salsas. Remember that “salsa” in English and Spanish have different meanings…salsa in Spanish simply means sauce. One was mustard-like sauce that was a little bit spicy and the other one was a mayonnaise-type sauce. The white sauce is by far my favorite and is a mix of milk, mayonnaise, vinegar and oregano (YUM). If you want to learn how to make your own, click here.
Peruvian White Sauce. Delicious
The white sauce is incredibly amazing! If you want to know how to create more Peruvian sauces click here
The service was quick and in less than 10 minutes the waitress came to our table with two large plates. Forget about ketchup, the white sauce can be used for your fries, chicken and even as dressing for your salad. Talk about versatile. The French fries were fresh and the chicken was moist and seasoned perfectly. Although I didn’t try any of the other dishes I did notice that each dish was extremely large – from the soups to the seafood platters. The restaurant does not serve any alcoholic beverages, but why not try Inca Kola.
Chicken and Fries
1/2 Chicken with fresh cut fries 
Inca Kola is a soft drink that was created in Peru in 1935, by British immigrant Jose Robinson Lindley. The soda has a sweet fruity flavor that resembles its main ingredient, lemo verbena (a species of flowering plant native to Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru.) Don’t be scared away by its yellowish-gold color, it’s a tasty bubblegum flavored cola that you won’t regret trying!
Inca Kola
Overall the meal (including the drink) cost roughly $14 CAD or $7,000 CLP, not too shabby for a filling meal that left both of us stuffed and satisfied.