I have an acute obsession over accessories; My go-to souvenir when abroad has always been either a pair of earrings, a necklace or a handmade scarf. Over the years, I have accumulated a vast amount of accessories, most of which I hardly wear. I am actually the proud owner of over fifteen different scarves but often only wear two due to their versatility: my grey infinity scarf I picked up in Rio and a black scarf I picked up on sale at Club Monaco. These two scarves have been my go-to because they are fashionable, warm and have often transformed into my own private pillow on those long bus rides when abroad.
My motto has always been: versatility is KEY. When I came across, SHOLDIT scarves, I instantly fell in love. The owner of the company, Angela, has designed the perfect travel companion. These products are multipurpose, stylish and the perfect travel safety accessory! The SHOLDIT® scarf can be used as an infinity scarf, clutch or cross-body scarf and has one or two pockets (depending on the style) built into it that can hold your passport, debit cards, hotel key, phone AND cash. Simple yet ingenious; no one will suspect that your credit card is INSIDE your scarf! Did I mention that you can score one of these great scarves for as low as USD$50?
Under the Yew Tree caught up with SHOLDIT® founder, Angela, to ask her a couple of questions about her life and her fabulous products:
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up on a cattle ranch in western Nebraska….I think it’s a requirement to be creative if you live out there. I wouldn’t have traded my childhood for anything though…I learned hard work ethics, team work, to do unto others and so much more. I then graduated from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a degree in journalism and marketing. From there I went into a partnership and founded a business publication in Omaha which lead me to some incredible contacts including my manufacturer so when I had the idea for the SHOLDIT brand, it allowed me to take my idea and run. I was inspired to start the line after networking and travelling a lot. I grew tired of carrying a traditional handbag. I wanted something fashionable, comfortable, easy to manage and easy to access. Thus SHOLDIT was born.   
2. Why are these products superior than for example a fanny pack under your shirt, hiding money in your bra/shoes or having a pack that hangs around your neck? Why choose these scarves?   
This gives a more stylish and concealed option with convenient access.  It’s more than a scarf, it’s a purse. We have many fabrics to choose from and more on the way. What makes you different than anything else out there? The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap™ purse is the only patent pending multi-functioning scarf with secure pockets that also easily converts to a clutch purse. 
3. What does the future hold for your line? 
There are a lot of exciting things in the future. I am getting ready to launch a new line targeted towards an athletic user along with several other new designs for 2014 so stay tuned!
4. As an avid traveler, what would be the one place that you’ve visited that you would recommend every traveler visit? 
Everywhere I’ve been I recommend and for different reasons. My top big trips include Norway, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and Alaska. My bucket list includes the Patagonia and Antartica! I also want to see more of the U.S.A as well….traveling rejuvinates the soul!
5. Where are your pieces sold?
We have some awesome retailers including but not limited to Magellan’s who has us also in SKYMALL and their Colorado Bag and Baggage stores, Plow and Hearth, Solutions, Potpourii Gifts, Scheels, Sands Casino, True Value and their Home and Garden Centers along with various boutiques as well as Amazon and direct online. 
Stay tuned for my personal review of the SHOLDIT® scarf. And if you want to purchase your own scarf, visit the company’s website here or visit their FACEBOOK page.
Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post – I found the product online and as an avid travel safety enthusiast, I wanted to share my find with my readers.