Living in Santiago de Chile has made me yearn for a proper shopping spree. To be quite frank, Santiago de Chile is not known for its designers or interesting fashion style. The ferias are nice to visit but I haven’t un-earthed any mind-blowing fashion boutiques or really noticed people dressing in a fashionable manner in this particular city. Big disappointment! 
I visited Buenos Aires with the intent of scoping out the city as a possible future home (I am planning on going on exchange in the future and have my eye on BA). In fact the city is known world-wide as the Paris of South America. I lived in Paris for a year and I have to admit BA did not disappoint (especially in the fashion deparment!)…can you say Shopping in Buenos Aires!!
Shopping is the best on the weekends as the comes alive with many different artisan markets or “ferias” filled with original jewlerry, clothes and other knick-naks. I had the pleasure of scooping out the feria in San Telmo but I’ve heard that the best feria on the weekend’s is the one at Plaza Francia. For a list of mercados and ferias on the weekend please click here. So when I touched down in Buenos Aires, I had to check out the stores. I met up with my friends and we went on a shopping spree followed by a photo shoot to show off some of the great finds that we landed. I would like to recommend that individuals looking to shop in Buenos Aires should avoid large malls as they are expensive and not too spectacular. Instead I would highly recomment visiting ferias during the weekends and/or just walking around San Telmo to find some truly original pieces. 
Without further ado here is out photo shoot with some information about the pieces and where we bought them. A huge shout out to my friends Amy and Myee who put up with me and agreed to this phootshoot!! 
Skirt: Rapsodia $115.00 USD
Scarf: Puntos en El Espacio $14 USD
Earrings: Puntos en El Espacio $12 USD
Shirt: Model’s own
Rapsodia is an expensive (yet gorgeous) Argentinean company that you can find Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia. The print and the cuts of their pieces are one-of-a-kind and their collections are always based on music, art, trips around the world and different cultures.
Puntos en el espacio is a stunning independent boutique in the area of San Telmo. All the pieces sold in this boutique (there are two locations that are walking distance from each other) are made by up and coming Argentinean designers. If you are found of accessories please visit the store located on the corner of Calle Defensa and Independencia. 


Model on the left: Yvonne
Dress: Indepedent boutique on Calle Bolivar $25 USD
Model on the right: Amy
Dress: Zara $ 75 USD
Dress: Zara $80 USD
Jacket: Antilope $215 USD
Jacket: Antilope $215 USD
Scarf: Isadora $ 13USD
Isadora: One of the leading accessory stores in Argentina, Isadora has a large selection of scarves, earrings, necklaces and bracelets at low prices. I ended up purchasing the same scarf seen above (I loved the print) including a yellow scarf for only $25 USD. 
Antilope: Leather (along with steak) is quite famous in Argentina so it comes as no surprise the leather products are well made and not that expensive. Products are dyed (not painted) and are all made in Argentina (no made in China here!)
Shirt: Model’s own
Skirt: Wanama $52 USD ON SALE
Aye not dead (rocker-chic clothes) and Wanama are two Argentinean companies that can be found in major malls in BA. For an original experience try the Galerias Pacificos and/or Alto Palermo

New_Folder8-001Dress: Aye not Dead $90 USD

New_Folder4-001Shirt: Puntos En El Espacio $40 USD ON SALE

I would also like to mention another store that we found post photoshoot. Moebius located on Defensa 1356 in San Telmo is a chic boutique with original pieces. I eneded up purchasing a very interesting necklace that is made out of string but looks like chains while my friends opted for a white shirt and Frieda Kaho  earrings. As stated by Lonely Planet this store “the racks are crowded with owner-designer Lilliana Zauberman’s kaleidoscopic 1970s-style jersey dresses, whimsical ruffled bikinis, skirts printed with koi fish and frog patterns, cherry-red trench coats and handbags made from recycled materials.”

New_Folder9-001Shirt: Puntos En El Espacio $70. I want to add that this designer (Grana Paez) use recycles materials to create her designs. It ties at the top and is worn with a undershirt as it is a see-through.

Shirt: Punto En El Espacio $30 USD ON SALE
Jewelry is one thing that I love to collect. I tend to buy different and crazy pieces from the countries I visit to remind me of my travels (I’ll have to do a post just on my crazy collection of accessories!) Below is a selection of things my friends and I bought. The large necklace was hand-made by a Peruvian artisan. This is why I love artisian markets, there are things you can find that are very original. I bought this specific piece at the San Telmo artisan market. I would also like to point out that the pink necklace and earrings are made from Argentina’s national stone: Rodocrosita. I ended up buying the necklace in a tourist shop in Boca. I do not recommend buying things in tourist areas as the San Telmo market had a larger selection of these stones at a much lower price (I just didn’t have enough time to shop!)

New_Folder10-001Pink necklace/earrings: Boca tourist shop $50 USD 

Pink pendant: Boca tourist shop $50 USD
Earrings: Puntos en el Espacio $48 USD
Large necklace: $84 USD
So what do you think of our shopping stash? Love it, like it or unimpressed?