Sitata named after an ancient diety named Sitātapatrā.

Sitātapatrā is often known as the Goddess of the White Parasol and is a protector against supernatural danger. She is associated with the practice for healing illness, dispelling interferences and spirit harms, quelling disasters, and bringing success. Sitata’s objective is to  help protect travellers and help prevent the spread of diseases, so it seems as if naming their company after Sitātapatrā is the perfect fit

Travel safety and health should be every traveler’s number #1 priority. 

Since being mugged in Valparaiso, I have become an adamant advocate of travel safety. I have been travelling for over 10 years and I have experienced a number of close calls. But narrowly escaping them made me feel incredibly invincible and I never learned my lesson until one day my luck ran out. In fact, this is quite the common story. When travelling in South America, I met so many people who shared their personal horror stories with me, from being robbed a gun point, to random snatch and grabs to targeted and severe mugging stories.


These scenarios are not meant to scare away travelers. Latin America is beautiful, but it can also be extremely dangerous. So every traveler should be aware of the dangers and annoyances before stepping foot in the country (countries) that they wish to visit. Pre-departure research can easily be done on the internet through sites like Thorn Tree Forum and/or WikiTravel. Another great travel resource is Sitata, a free tool for travel health and safety for both travellers and travel professionals.

So why do I love it?

This tool is incredibly simple. Travelers sign up on the website, fill out their trip name and plug in the dates and countries that they will be visiting. Then Sitata will generate personalized travel page that has all your safety and health needs covered for your trip. To test out the application I created my own trip, named it South America adventure and imputed the dates and countries (Chile and Argentina). What ensued was a online map (that can also be downloaded in PDF form) that provided me with an overview and information about diseases, health, safety, alerts and advisories for Chile and Argentina. For example one of the pre-trip alerts included information about recent forest fire smoke that covered Santiago de Chile on January 10th 2014. Under the Health section some of Sitata’s recommendations included a Hepatitis A Vaccine for Chile and Argentina and the Yellow fever vaccination only if travelling to northern and north-eastern forested areas of Argentina bordering Brazil and Paraguay. 

travel safety sitata

The application also provides emergency numbers and even will email you during your trip if any new alerts or advisories pop up while you are abroad.  In short, they worry so YOU don’t have to (and it’s also free!). Furthermore, Sitata collects and consolidates information directly from recommendations by the WHO, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pro-Med and multiple public health and foreign affairs agencies,  so you’re covered, no matter what! To learn more please visit Sitata or check out their Facebook and/or Twitter page. 

Have you tried Sitata? Love it, hate it? Let me know!  

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